FIFA 16 - Professional

FIFA 16 - Professional

Joining us when the new FIFA season began in 2013 the guys showed great performances throughout the year. Going into the new season we are happy to have the same group together for another season of great Benelux and international FIFA performances.

  • SiKe

    Marco Krott

    ...Read More

  • Pwnage

    Steffan Tabara

    My name is Steffan "Pwnage" Tabárá and I'm a FIFA player for AT Gaming....Read More

  • Psycho

    Dani Hagebeuk

    Hello, i am Dani 'Psycho' Hagebeuk. I am 18 years old. I am a Dutch fifa player. I have already played 6 offline fifa 16 tournaments in The Netherlands. The first 2 tournaments i ended on a 3rd place. The other 4 tournaments i won all, so now i have a streak of 4 tournament wins in a row. ...Read More