Mortal Kombat X progression and new player acquisition

Sun 3rd Jan 2016 - 8:20pm Team News Articles

Lots of action in the Mortal Kombat X squad!
Additions, promotions, a new manager and a 1st place.

Lets start off with the additions. We are very happy to announce two new players to our Mortal Kombat X Academy! After proving their worth in different tournaments over the past few months they have been given the opportunity to play in our squad and they took it with both hands. 
Dio "Dio" Doejaaren, a great Erron Black player, has some good results under his belt, most notably a 2nd place last December on AFK Rotterdam.
Shilton "The Bizzle" Chelius, a Jacqui Briggs main, has also shown a lot of promise, taking home 1st place in the last AFK Rotterdam (more info can be found below).

Moving over to the promotions, both Gregory "Nindo" Simon and Lucky "Lucky" Danh have been promoted to Professional. Both of them have shown a consistent high level, not only finishing top 3 almost every event in the Benelux, but also on a European level. We are very happy with their progress and attitude and are looking forward to the coming year with them!

Thirdly, we are proud to announce that Shakti "Solid_S14" Biharie switched from the Academy to a managing role. Due to a lack of time to pursue his professional career, he chose to move to the manager position, being able to help the other players, as well as having time now to organise the squad and events. It is always a tough call to take a step back from gaming to managing, but we are very pleased to have him become the Mortal Kombat X manager.

Last but not least is the AFK Rotterdam tournament that took place yesterday. With the top of the Benelux there, it was bound to be a tough tournament.
In the end the tournament showed a new winner who brought his game to a new level. Our newest addition The Bizzle didn't lose a single match and convincingly beat LLL | Taco in the upper bracket final to secure his position in the grand finals.  Taco then met Lucky in the lower bracket final where they showed some intense matches. Lucky even secured a flawless but Taco managed to grab his spot in the grand finals taking the match 3-1. In the grand finals The Bizzle was not fazed after already getting 2 victories earlier against his nemesis. He managed to win it with 3-1 and took home the gold, beating Taco 3 times in one tourney. 
Overall a very strong performance from the squad, with 2 top 3 finishes.

1st place: Shiltion "The Bizzle" Chelius
3rd place: Lucky "Lucky" Danh
5th place: Shakti "Solid_S14" Biharie
7th place: Dio "Dio" Doejaaren

We are very happy with how our Mortal Kombat X squad is going and are looking forward to what 2016 will bring for them!



Nico Tijsterman

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