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Tue 29th Dec 2015 - 2:53pm Team News Articles

A 3rd place in the Sector One Invitational and a new addition to the squad.

Let's start of with the great result Matthijs "Theo" Lieftink had in the Sector One Invitational. In this online tournament, all the big Benelux organisations chose their 2 best players to battle it out. After a lucky win in the round of 8 against Azunite, our Hearthstone player fell to the later winner RUZ3 Guukboii. In the loser's final he managed to defeat Mitsuhide and take home the 3rd place!

Moving over to the newest addition to our Hearthstone squad, we would like to welcome Anton "Smo0th" Benschop. Smo0th is an experienced player, who hits Legendary rank almost every season. He comes over from Divinity Gaming, where he was the CEO for the last couple of years. Looking to take a step back from organizing and just enjoying to focus on games again he has decided to continue his gaming career here.

Statement from Gregor "GoMaly" Orchowski, Hearthstone Manager:

We were searching for a dedicated player for some time now that can help us raise our HS team to the next level.
I know Anton for quite a while now and I believe he's the right person for our squad. His knowledge about the game (except card names) will help our team to improve and hopefully dominate at the upcoming tournaments.
Give hime some support at

Statement from Anton "Smo0th" Benschop:

My reason for joining AT is quite simple, I know a lot of guys within AT and I know AT as a very fun but also hard working organisation. My goals for the upcoming year are mainly gaining a lot of experience by playing tournaments and grow as a player in playing tournaments, and ofcourse I hope to achieve a lot of nice performances for myself but also for AT Gaming. I will be trying to achieve this by playing a lot and practicing with other players.

We would like to give him a warm welcome in AT and are looking forward to a great 2016 together!



Nico Tijsterman

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