AT Black promoted to Main Team, Red disbanded

Fri 4th Dec 2015 - 2:12pm Team News Articles

Today we have both good and bad news to announce concerning our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams. To summarize, we have promoted AT. Black to Main team, whilst AT. Red disbanded is.

Starting off with the disbanding of AT Gaming Red, who joined us over 6 months ago and played under our banner at eSports Festival, Frag-o-Matic 17.1 and The Reality XVI. At these tournaments they had some strong showings, especially with their 3rd place finish at The Reality. The problem however was, that the team struggled to keep maintain a stable line-up. After a couple of roster changes that didn’t work out, the core of the team decided that the best thing to do was to disband the team and all go their separate ways. We as AT Gaming would like to take this moment to thank the players, especially  Moritz "radicaL3i" van der Lugt and  Victor "Imprez" Walsteijn, for their time and dedication and wish them the best of luck in the future.

Moving over to the positive news. After being with us for over 5 months with a stable line-up, and proven growth as a team, we are very happy to say that AT Gaming Black has been promoted to Main team. Their results speak for themselves, as a slow start with a 9th/12th place at eSports Festival was followed by a 4th place at a stacked Frag-o-Matic 17.1 and a 1st place at The Reality XVI. With the growth of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in not only the Benelux, but also in Europe and worldwide we are very happy to have a stable, dedicated and strong team with us. The team will not only aim to be the best in the Benelux, but their eyes are also set on the European level. To accomplish this, AT CSGO will be participating in Insomnia 56 in Birmingham, England, from the 11th to 14th of December. Afterwards, they will also compete in the Eizo Community Cup, after having qualified by winning The Reality XVI. This tournament will take place between the 18th and 20th.

Statement from Joey "flashzorrr" Kerkdijk

After a kind of disappoint year with our last line-up, we decided to split up and go our seperate ways. Jeroen and me wanted to keep playing and still play under the AT Gaming banner, thats when slaYn, amosE and luosrevo came in to the team.
Having them in the team brings in a lot of experience and talent, all three of them have been in the scene for a long time, playing on the highest level and in the national dutch team. After forming the team there were three lans up and coming: Esportsfestival Gent, FOM 17.1 and The Reality. We decided to attend those three lans with this team, no matter the results. This paid off in the end.
After a small time practicing together we placed 9th/12th at the Esportsfestival Gent. This was a big disappointment for us, and made us only more motivated to have a better placement at the upcoming LANs. Going in to FOM 17.1, placing 4th as the best dutch team (placing behind french teams and a belgium/dutch mix of top players). This was a double-edged sword for us, it showed us that we were the best dutch team at that moment, but we still couldn't hold up to some of the french teams. Then The Reality came up, we were very confident going into this event and this showed in the result: grabbing the gold medal after a well played tournament.
At this moment we got the message we would be promoting to the main team, meaning we will have full support for our upcoming events. To me this feels like a second chance to prove myself, after having a terible last year of events playing under the AT Gaming banner. To the team this felt great as well, having an organisation support you gives you the opportunity to fully focus on your game knowing there will always people to support you.
I would like to thank AT Gaming and their sponsors HyperX, Cooler Master, SPAM, NeedforSeat and eizo for their support and trust in our team. We will definately do our utmost best to bring home some more titles under the AT Gaming banner.
Joey "flashzorrr" Kerkdijk

 AT Gaming CS:GO Main team line-up:

 Jeroen"xilo" Knip
Joey "flashzorrr" Kerkdijk
 Jasper "amosE" Koopmans
 Jamie "luosrevo" Lammers
 Eric "slaYn" Peeters

All in all, we are happy with the continuity in our CS:GO division and we are looking forward to firstly a great December, and secondly a very exciting 2016!



Nico Tijsterman

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