Recap: HSC XII qualifier

Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 2:42pm Team News Articles

Last weekend 2 qualifiers were held for HomeStory Cup XII, held in the new 2.000 sqm studios in Krefeld, Germany from the 17th to 20th of December. 

The first qualifier, held on Saturday, saw 6 AT players participating. uThermalOptimusFeaRArnovicBouli and Thalandros all fought to get one of the three tickets. From these 6 only Vincent "Optimus" Klerks had a good run that day, beating players like Firecake and Zanster in the upper bracket. The qualifying match was against GunGFuBanDa, in which our Terran fell one map short, losing 1-2. In the loser bracket he fell 0-2 to Elazer, thus being eliminated after a very strong run and solidifying his skill as one of the better Terran's in Legacy of the Void.

In the second qualifier on Sunday only uThermal and Optimus participated. Where the day before Optimus had a strong showing, today it was the turn for Marc "uThermal" Schlappi. But where his Terran brother fell the day before in the qualifying match, uThermal won his match 2-0 against SortOf and thus qualifying for HomeStory Cup XII! His upper bracket run was really strong, dropping only 2 maps in five best of 3's. 
Optimus his run, albeit stopping earlier than in the first qualifier, also still had a good showing beating for example SpaceMarine and Lillekanin. 

This means that we will see Marc "uThermal" Schlappi playing in the Homestory Cup XII from the 17th to 20th of December. So make sure to tune in then and cheer him on!



Nico Tijsterman

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