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Mon 28th Sep 2015 - 7:40pm Team News Articles

During the reality event our players for MKX were attending an event in Hannover germany. Mitsu’s Kombat Klash.

our players did exceptionally well they played against some of the best players in the EU.  

Gregory Simon (AT Nindo ) made a short story of how the whole experience went the event you can find this posted on our website

Top 16 standing

1.PND Madzin - DE - Grandmaster Sub Zero, Blood God Kotal Kahn)
2. AT | Lucky0346 - NL - Grandmaster Sub Zero
3. LLL Taco - NL - Grandmaster Sub Zero, Buzz Saw/Tempest Kung Lao 

4.RyuKazuya - DE - A-List Johnny Cage, Flame Fist Liu Kang
5. AT | nindo - NL - Summoner/Sorcerer Quan Chi
5. Mitsuownes - DE - Inferno Scorpion
7. GRs Haze - NL - Ancestral/Bojutsu Kung Jin
7. DA WarmZlay - DE - Deceptive Reptile
9. AT | The Doctor - NL - Hunter Predator, Flame Fist Liu Kang
9. Smascer - DE - Tempest Kung lao
9. Kabelfritz - DE - Commando Kano
9. Rey - DE - Swarm Queen D'Vorah
13. KaizokuMoe - DE -
13. Grand_Flash - DE - Thunder God Raiden
13. Blewdew - DE - Swarm Queen D'Vorah
13. c0ki - DE -

A word from AT Nindo

Last saturday (26 september 2015) the 3 Mortal Kombat X players of AT Gaming went to Hannover for Mitsu Kombat Klash (hosted by Mitsuownes, ESL competitor from Germany). This is the first Mortal Kombat tournament in Germany since the game is unbanned. The notorious Madzin (DE), well known Johnny Cage player RyuKazuya (DE), Holland's own LLL.Taco and obviously Mitsuownes were in attendence.

After a long car ride of approximately 4 hours we were ready to play. The event was hosted in a training room of an Apple store(!) that, despite it's size, was definitely well fitting for a 32 people tournament. They had tough pools (AT|nindo was with Madzin, AT|Lucky was with RyuKazuya and AT|The Doctor was with LLL.Taco) but they managed to pull through by beating the others. We proceeded to top 16 where nindo had a tough break versus a Kung Lao player named Smascer. He capitalized very well on the mistakes that were made. Lucky and The Doctor proceeded - Lucky went on to Winners Final after beating RyuKazuya, while The Doctor ran into Madzin. Madzin took the game convincingly with his sick Blood God Kotal Kahn. While nindo had to fight through losers, Lucky went on winning the Winners Final against LLL.Taco with a convincing 3-1 score. Despite the matchup advantage that LLL.Taco went for, Lucky made great baits and pushed hard to win it. The Doctor (in the losers bracket) ran into GRs Haze, a very good player from the Netherlands. GRs Haze stopped The Doctor in his tracks with his Ancestral Kung Jin, achieving 9th place. Afterwards, nindo had to face Madzin in the losers bracket. After a hard fought battle against his Blood God Kotal Kahn, nindo managed to beat him by switching variations (from Summoner Quan Chi to Sorcerer Quan Chi), which made him switch to his main character, Sub Zero. In a close battle, nindo ultimately lost the game and got 5th place. Madzin went on to face Lucky in the Grand Finals, Sub Zero vs Sub Zero. In a game of almost equal skill, Madzin edged out every game by being more patient than Lucky. After a 3-0 (bracket reset) by Madzin, Lucky had a few more chances to win it over Madzin. Despite this, Madzin showed why he's one of the best in Europe right now, beating Lucky with another 3-0.

The top 16 results of Mitsu Kombat Klash:

As AT Gaming Mortal Kombat X we can look back at a succesful event, and as a nation we've proved that the Netherlands can compete with the best in Europe. Next stop, Red Fight District 4! (3-4 October, in Amsterdam)




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