AT announces AT Gaming Mortal Kombat X academy and changes in Management

Tue 8th Sep 2015 - 11:00am Team News Articles

First off in the last couple of months we have been slowly but steadily branching out into the fighting game community. And with this we have chosen to feature Mortal Kombat X as our first supported game.

After attending multiple Mortal Kombat events in the Netherlands we managed to reach out and connect with a few dedicated players who share the same passion and spirit for Mortal Kombat. With mutual interests and goals we decided that it was time to also branch into this very vibrant  and lively community. 

So we would like to welcome 2 new Academy players that are eager and willing to reach the pinnacle of the Mortal Kombat universe.

Gregory "Nindo" Simon and Shakti "The Doctor" Biharie.

Statement from Gregory "Nindo" Simon:

Hey guys, I'm Greg, better known as nindo to the Dutch Fighting Game Community. I'm an experienced fighting game player, and I've competed on an international level. I originally started as a Street Fighter III : Third Strike player (that game holds a close place in my heart) but I've moved on to every fighting game that came out. I've been recruited by AT Gaming to compete in Mortal Kombat X, and they've given me a chance and motivation to compete and be the best I can be. Outside of competition, I'm aspiring to let the Fighting Game community grow by working together, helping out at events and introducing new people who might be interested.

Statement from Shakti "The Doctor" Biharie:

My name is Shakti, i am from the Netherlands the fighting game community knows me as The Doctor. I have a passion for gaming, my favourite title is Mortal Kombat. I like competing in tournaments and i am curious for new events and meet new people, thats when AT gaming came in to the picture. It's a great initiative and i'd like to be part of it's bright future. I expect to have a great time at AT Gaming and hope to level up and get some great experience.

That brings us to our final Point. 

In recent past we had slight changes in community management. When Daan "ZeZn" Dokman had to step down a few months ago, this left a gap that needed to be filled. One of our own community leaders stepped up to the plate and has done a fantastic job. Because of his great effort and passion for the community it was unanimously decided to offer him a permanent possition as community manager. 

 So from today onward we are proud to announce Tim "Timmeh" Versteegh as new community manager.

 Overall great news and thank you for your continued support! 











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