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Tue 7th Jul 2015 - 12:45pm Team News Articles

With eSports Festival behind us, we'd like to report the finalization of one of our CS:GO squads and defining names for both of our squads to prevent confusing situations in the future.

Back in May we reported a change in our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division, with the acquiry of a new team and a redevelopment of our previous Main team. The redevelopment has succesfully finished and resulted in an all Dutch line-up that already attended eSports Festival last weekend, together with our other CS:GO squad we acquired back in May.

Unfortunately the tournament past weekend didn't go 100% according to plan. Our squads met early on in the Lower Bracket, meaning one team had to be sent packing in 9/12th place and the other would move on in the Lower Bracket. This unfortunately ment that our newly named AT Gaming Black squad dropped out of the tournament and that AT Gaming Red moved along to finish in 5/6th place losing to SD Gaming 12-16. AT Gaming Red has also decided to make a line-up change with eSports Festival in hindsight. They have decided to remove Michiel "regaiN" Vervaart from the line-up in order to improve the quality of the line-up.

The reason we decided to rename the teams is that past weekend the teams operated als AT Gaming 1 and 2, which in our eyes defines a difference in value and position that currently is not in place. By renaming the squads to AT Gaming Black and Red we aim to remove any definition of value existing between the two squads.

Both teams are looking forward to the near future, with a busy schedule ahead of them. With both Frag-O-Matic 17.1 and The Reality 16 taking place in September, the teams have 2 months to prepare their A-game in time to rock both events!

The completed AT Gaming Black line-up:

 Jeroen"xilo" Knip
Joey "flashzorrr" Kerkdijk
 Jasper "amosE" Koopmans
 Jamie "luosrevo" Lammers
 Eric "slaYn" Peeters

AT Gaming Red line-up:

 Nick "arcane" van der Horst
 Steven "Clash" Fekken
 Moritz "radicaL3i" van der Lugt
 Victor "Imprez" Walsteijn



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