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Wed 25th Mar 2015 - 12:27pm Team News

Over the past months we have put a couple of small steps in setting up a Hearthstone Division.
We are now going to give this a kickstart by hosting 3 AT Gaming Hearthstone Cups, with the goal to scout and acquire new players for our Hearthstone Division.
We are also on the look-out for a Hearthstone Team Manager, check out our Careers page for more information on that.

Our goal is to have a Hearthstone squad that consist of 5 to 8 players. If you'd like to prove yourself make sure to participate in the cups!

Update: We have decided to hold our tournament at StriveWire instead of BinaryBeast, as we feel this platform gives us better options for both the organizers and the players. 

The dates of the cups are

What are we looking for:

  • Active player
  • Dutch speaking
  • Minumum Ladder Rank: 5
  • Frequently able to participate in online tournaments
  • Willing and able to attend offline tournaments in the Benelux
  • Active in the squad (practicing together, theorycrafting, chatting/discussing on TeamSpeak etc.)

Additional tournament rules:

  • Best of 5
  • Single Elimination
  • Each player sends his 4 classes to Dennis[at]atgaming[dot]eu before the start of the tournament. The opponent will ban 1 class.
  • Maximum 16 players, expandable if needed.
  • The winner keeps playing with his deck, the losers choses another class (only from the ones he send to the admin).
  • Admins
    • enoxzr#2284
    • nicos1#2213
  • If you sign-up for the tournament, make sure to add your Battlenet ID (the same way as the admins).
  • The check-in period is from 19:30-20:00.
  • During the check-in period, so before the tournament starts, all players must join the AT Gaming TeamSpeak:
  • Players who are in another organization are allowed to participate, but they must have the intention to join AT Gaming. Notifcation to the respective organization is players sole responsibility.

There will always be a conversation with the winner of the 3 cups about joining our Hearthstone squad. We will also talk to players that have come to our addition during the tournament or with their applications.
If you can't participate in a cup, but think you have what it takes to be an AT Gaming member, send an email to Dennis[at]atgaming[dot]eu. You can also send an application to make a great first impression. 
You can also use this mail adress if you have questions about the cup.

Note that all players will first join our Academy team. If they prove themselves a great asset to the team, they can grow to the Professional squad.



Nico Tijsterman

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