AT.SC2 Academy looking for new blood

Sun 26th Oct 2014 - 3:26pm Team News Articles

It's been a while since we have announced our Starcraft 2 Academy and it has been running well since then. We have always been open to applications, but after recent departures we are now making another call for new members for our Academy! This time however, we are specifically looking for Master League players. However, if you feel you are upcoming and about to hit Master, please still do apply!

The players we are looking for should tick the following boxes:

- Fluent in speaking Dutch
- Able and willing to attend Benelux LAN events
- Dedicated to playing Starcraft II
- Motivated to grow and get better
- Eager to participate in tournaments and teammatches
- Master League ranked, or very close to being Master

If you ticked all 6 boxes for yourself, you are the ideal candidate for our Academy. We can offer you a friendly, supportive environment with a large pool of players to train and practise with. Next to that we are avid team league players and attend Benelux events with a large group of people, usually with around 5 to 10 Starcraft II players.

If you are interested in joining our Academy, send us a message through our ticket system on our Contact page. Applications may be written in Dutch of course. 



Nico Tijsterman

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