Mortal Kombat X to feature at Republic of Fighters

Wed 20th Jan 2016 - 10:10pm News Event Articles

Our whole Mortal Kombat X squad will be participating at Republic of Fighters, held this weekend in Paris.

Republic of Fighters will feature top fighting players from all over Europe. This means that our players can't miss out and are thus showing up in full force. Both Gregory "Nindo" Simon and Lucky "Lucky" Danh from the Professional Squad will go together with Dio "Dio" Doejaaren and Shilton "The Bizzle" Chelius from our Academy and manager Shakti "Solid_S14" Biharie.

This will also be the first opportunity to battle it out against our French counterparts Yuzu. It promises to be a big clash and spectacle between each other, especially since this is only the first step as in February an even bigger tournament will be held in the Netherlands, where all the best players from Europe will come together at AFK_Esports Rotterdam.

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Nico Tijsterman

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