uThermal and FeaR at Dreamhack Leipzig

Wed 20th Jan 2016 - 2:32pm News Event Articles

This upcoming weekend both Marc "uThermal" Schlappi and Richard "FeaR" Au will be participating at Dreamhack Leipzig!

With his notable results from last season, uThermal got placed immediately in Group Stage 2, together with 31 other seeded players. This means he won't have to play the 1st Group Stage and doesn't have to play the other high seeded players. Playing against him in Group B is the Finnish Protoss player Welmu from Apocalypse eSports. The other 2 positions in the Group will be filled by the numbers 1 and 2 from Group Stage 1.

Moving over to our German Protoss FeaR, he is not seeded and will start in Group Stage 1. Besides him, Group F consists of the German Protoss Monty, Italian Zerg Mark from Team Extreme Supremacy and the Romanian Zerg copyleft from Leipzig eSports. 

We are looking forward to how the weekend is going to unfold, as this will be the first Starcraft II Legacy of the Void event where WCS points can be won. So make sure to follow us and cheer both of our players on!



Nico Tijsterman

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