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Mon 21st Dec 2015 - 1:15pm News Event Articles

HomeStoryCup XII has come to and end, after an epic 4 days of Starcraft II.

With a total of 32 players and a lot of spectators in the TakeTV studios in Krefeld, Germany, the event promised to be a great one. And with the amount of cheers, jokes and fun it totally held true to it's core identity as it has stayed over the years. 

But the main point was of course Starcraft II, and with the new expansion Legacy of the Void everyone was very interested to see how all the pro's adapted to the newly released game. We at AT Gaming payed a lot of attention of course to Marc "uThermal" Schlappi, who started his run at the 2nd day in Group E. His first match was against Lilbow, which our Terran won 2-1. Up next was Hyun, where he was able to take a map, but not the game, losing 1-2. In the decider's match uThermal had to play Lilbow once again, as the Frenchman had defeated Miniraser 2-1 in the loser's match. This time around the match went smoother, and uThermal grabbed the win 2-0, moving on to day 3 and the round of 16.

In the round of 16, uThermal had a tough group, going up against the eventual finalists of the tournament in MMA and Firecake, as well as the Brit DeMuslim. The first oppponent was Firecake, who managed to grab the win 2-1, sending uThermal to the loser's match against DeMuslim. The maps were enervating, but a few too many mistakes cost uThermal the game, 0-2, which meant the end of his tournament run, finishing on a 13th/16th place. In the end fan favorite MMA would go on to win the tournament, leaving the scene with a final trophy, as he has to retire to serve in the South Korean military.

With this event, there also comes an end to the Starcraft II year, where we had some good results, with uThermal making 2 WCS Premier Leagues. We are looking forward to 2016, especially with the newly made changes to the WCS format!




Nico Tijsterman

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