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Mon 14th Dec 2015 - 5:40pm News Event Articles

Before starting the article, a big shout-out to our partner Cooler Master, as they provided us with pc's to play on!


Insomnia 56 has come to an end, with a 7th/8th finish for our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad.

Before the tournament even started the first problem arose. Valve released an update, just days before the start, including signifcant changes to Rifles. Even though this concerned all the teams, it wasn't the best way to start the tournament.

The group stage went as expected, going 4-1, only losing to the number 2 seed of the tournament, Team Infused. In an enervating match our boys lost Cobble 10-16, after putting on a strong showing.

The first bracket match turned out to be a slugfest, as the game against Playhack was only won after the second overtime, 26-20.
Due to some weird bracket making from the Insomnia admins, our opponent in the 2nd round were again Team Infused. But after losing to them yesterday, the squad was confident in taking revenge. They showed that, because after the dust settled on Mirage, the score was 16-3. After losing Cache 6-16, Cobblestone would be the deciding map. Sadly luck wasn't on our side, as 4 matchpoints at 15-11 were lost and Team Infused clinched the win in overtime 19-21.

Falling to the lower bracket, the first opponent would be Adios Gaming. The unseeded team proved a strong opponent, as they took us to overtime on Mirage (21-16) and also made it close on Cache (16-14). With the 2-0 win the squad's next opponent was Cex. After a 10-16 loss on Cache, it was all or nothing on Mirage. Sadly it turned out to be nothing, as after going toe to toe, the final round was lost, leaving the score 14-16 against the later champions of Insomnia 56.

Over all it was a nice event (even though it was really cold) and the result with a 7th/8th place wasn't too bad. We've learned a lot and will come back stronger next event!

Also thanks to our other partners HyperXSPAM EnergydrinkEizoNEEDforSEAT®.



Nico Tijsterman

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