Nindo to win Hessen Crash

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 - 7:47pm News Event Articles

Last Sunday our players went to visit our German Mortal Kombat X counterparts for a great tournament: Hessen Crash.
Our players faired really well, resulting in taking home both the first and second place.

Unfortunately, Lucky could not attend the event, due to his busy schedule, but both Nindo and The doctor laid down the law in his stead.
Although there was no stream for the event,the Hessen team managed to record the top 8 matches and with some amazing commentary from RyuKazuya the hype was no doubtly real.

You can can check the bracket stage out here on Youtube.
also dont forget to check out RyuKazuya's report on the event. 

Results top 8:
1. AT| Nindo (Quan Chi: Summoner, Warlock - Takeda:Shirai Ryu)
2. AT| The Doctor (Tanya: KobuJitsu - Cassie Cage: Hollywood - Shinnok: Imposter - Kitana: Mournful)
3. Rey (D'vorah:Swarm Queen)
4. Dio Dio Doejaaren (Erron Black: Outlaw Marksman - Sub Zero: Grandmaster)
5: Smascer Vladislav Ko (Kung Lao: Tempest, Buzzsaw)
5: Wam Zlay (Reptile: Noxious - Takeda: Shirai Ryu)
7: STB Boba Grimes Kevin Theisen (Tremor: Aftershock, Crystalline - Jax: Heavy Weapons)
7: MiguelDante (Sonya: Covert Ops - Kitana: Assassin)

Below a short word from The Doctor giving a recap of the event and how they enjoyed playing in Germany:

Whatsupp guys,
The doctor here with a tournament update we had last weekend in Germany(Frankfurt) called HESSEN CRASH X. 
The Tournament was OUTSTANDING, great organisation, great players, great attitude, awesume matches and overall a great experience.
Some shoutouts to Mapusa for organizing the tournament. Shoutouts to RyuKazuya who put in some work with commentary creating hype and fun by bringing a mk9 setup, organising a team battle (GER vs NL) that we Dutchies won, wink-emoticon, and by just being one of the nicest players in the whole mkx scene.
Also shoutouts to Smascer, grandflash, Dominic by bringing setups and capture device to record the tournament so it will be uploaded this week to youtube.
Shoutouts to MiguelDante who is the best female MKX player handsdown!
Shoutouts to Rey and Wamzlay who were godlike with that Swarm Queen and Noxious! And last but not least Boba Grimes who is humble as always and i'm stealing that Tremor combo man wink-emoticon
Thanks to all germans for having us over there we had an amazing time and see y'all soon guys.



Nico Tijsterman

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