Eizo launches G-Ignition Software Ver. 2.0

Mon 2nd Nov 2015 - 7:25pm News Articles

A few days Eizo announced that their G-Ignition Software Ver. 2.0 has been released!

Until now, gamers could adjust their monitors and save their gaming presets (monitor settings) only to their PCs, making it difficult to share their presets with other gamers. With this new cloud service, gamers using FORIS FS2434 and FG2421 monitors can easily upload gaming presets to G-Ignition Drive and share them over social networks.

G-Ignition Drive stores gaming presets by game title. FORIS users simply choose the games they play and upload their own gaming presents as well as import gaming presets uploaded by other gamers. In addition, gaming presets from EIZO-sponsored professional gaming team Ninjas in Pyjamas are available on G-Ignition Drive.

G-Ignition Drive is accessible by downloading G-Ignition Ver 2.0 software from

About the G-Ignition Drive

The FORIS FS2434 and FG2421 monitor control software with EIZO's own cloud service, G-Ignition Drive.  With this software and its cloud service, FORIS owners can adjust gaming presets (monitor settings) and can store or import the gaming presets by game title. As well as share them over the social networks.


G-Ignition Ver 2.0 for Windows

  • EIZO's own cloud serivce, G-Ignition Drive, is now available
  • Windows 10 Support
  • New UI and UX design for gaming: FORIS owners can now store and import gaming presets by game title

So if you use an Eizo monitor, go rock this new software!



Nico Tijsterman

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