Starcraft 2 Bootcamp

Thu 30th Apr 2015 - 8:42pm News Event Articles

Players from both our Starcraft Main and Academy squad gathered together in Brussels for a weekend long bootcamp! Read the blog from Wouter "Gannicus" Broddin about how the weekend went.

"Our Starcraft 2 roster has always performed well in the Frag-O-Matic tournaments, and thus we have won quite a few prizes from them. Some of those prizes were vouchers for playtime in a lan-centre called BotKamp, located in Southern-Brussels. Would be a shame to leave them unused, right?

So 8 players from our roster travelled all the way to the heart of Belgium for some hardcore Starcraft 2 practice!

And quality practice it was, after a few promotions during the weekend every single Academy member that attended the bootcamp is now Master's League. The atmosphere was great and so the bootcamp contributed a lot to teambuilding aswell. We're already looking forward to a repeat!"




Wouter Broddin

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