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Thu 1st May 2014 - 12:33pm News

This week was a very busy one for Marc "uThermal" Schlappi. First flying to Bucharest to play in the Dreamhack Bucharest tournament and almost immediately after coming home playing in the WCS Europe Challenger League. All this travelling didn't seem to bother him, as he had great succes in both of them!

Dreamhack Bucharest
Starting off with Dreamhack Bucharest, which was held the 26th and 27th of April  in Romania. uThermaldidn't have to play in the first groupstage, as he had gotten a high seed. In the first group he was placed with the Korean Protoss player First, the Romanian Terran player SpiriT and the Finnish Zerg, ZhuGeLiang. 

The first match he had to play against ZhuGeLiang, which he won convincingly 2-0. Going to the winner's match, he faced off against the Korean First. Winning the first map wasn't enough, and losing the last two maps he now had to play against SpiriT which would determine if he went through to the third groupstage. 
In this TvT uThermal had a great showing, winning 2-0. 

The third groupstage consisted of even bigger names, with KT Rolster's TY and mYinsanity's jjakji and Serral. The first game was against the Korean Terran jjakji, which uThermal won 2-0, against all predictions.
Because of this win, he was now one best of 3 away from getting into the top 16 bracket stage. In the winner's match his opponent was the other Korean Terran, TY, which turned out to be a step to high, losing 0-2 to him.  The last match was a rematch of game 1, but not with the same outcome. Where uThermal won the first best of 3 2-0, jjakji made some adjustments and won 2-0, meaning the end of the tournament for our Starcraft II player.

WCS Europe Challenger League
Getting home at Monday, uThermal only had two days to adapt again to playing from home, as he had to play mousesports' Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider on yesterday in the WCS Challenger League. Before the match started, everyone expected that HasuObs would take the win, but boy were they wrong. In two aggressive games uThermal grabbed a 2-0 lead, only being 1 map away from qualifying for the WCS Europe Premier League. The third game HasuObs showed why wasn't out of the series yet, grabbing bak a game for himself, making it 2-1. The 4th game started off well and with a relentless push he won the game and grabbed a spot among the 32 best players residing in Europe!
This great result was the icing on the cake of a great week. Make sure to tune in from May 13th onwards, as the groupstages of WCS Europe Premier League will start.

- Top 32 at Dreamhack Bucharest, with a great showing against jjakji.
- Qualified for WCS Europe Premier League, with a 3-1 win over HasuObs. 

Photo's of Dreamhack Bucharest can be found on our facebook



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