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Tue 4th Mar 2014 - 11:47pm News

From the 14th till the 16th of March, the same weekend uThermal will be playing in Katowice, the Brussel Expo will open it's doors once again to Made in Asia.
Made in Asia is a public fair about Asian culture, leisure and videogaming. There are many exhibitors, like Ubisoft and Sega, but also smaller companies as game-legends.

At MIA, PROG4MER will be organising the Ultimate Grand Battle in StarCraft 2 and League of Legends, where in 4 players, respectively 4 teams, will battle it out for the victory. To qualifiy for the event, prog4mer held 2 qualifiers for Starcraft II where the top 2 would get into the event, which will be held on Friday the 14th.

In the first qualifier bouli and Optimus met each other in the quarter final. Optimus won 2-0 and was only 1 win away from qualifying. In the semi final he lost 0-2 from Jona, so he was forced to play in the second qualifier.

Being the only AT participant meant that he also was the only AT'er with a chance to get into the main event. The first two rounds were pretty easy matches, both ending 2-0 against Drznathou and PnPboyboyluV. Being again one match away he now faced the zerg aGaham.
Having lost the first time in the semi final, Optimus was pretty nervous to play against aGaham. To get over his nervosity he did a 3 factory helion cheese and won the map. Having the first win he felt more comfortable going into the second map, Alterzim Stronghold. Taking a hidden expansion in the top right paid off, before getting scouted by aGaham. After a near perfect engagement against a 7 base Zerg (while only being on 4 base as a Terran), the game came into a stale moment, where swarmhosts were fighting agaisnt tanks. Switchhing into a lot of Ravens and ghosts, Optimus managed to harass his opponent and after a few lucky seeker missiles and EMP"s he took the game after 1 hour and 40 minutes!

Being qualified for the event was a huge relieve and after also winning the final against Fmtc, who had beaten Sjaak in the semi final, 2-1, he feels confident about the competition at Made in Asia.

Vincent 'Optimus' Klerks had the following to say about the event:

I'm really happy I've qualified for Made in Asia. Made in Asia looks like a great event, though the travel towards it will be pretty tough. At the event itself there will be 3 tough oppononts waiting, namely Jona, Jacko and Fmtc, but I will do my best to make you guys proud and play my best! Come cheer for me at the 14th in Brussel!


So if you happen to be in Brussels on Friday the 14th, make sure to come by and cheer on Optimus, when he takes Jona, Jacko and Fmtc to the battlefield to win his share of the €500 prize pool!

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