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Wed 15th Jan 2014 - 7:54pm Articles

Last November we opened our Academy, offering room for the talented players and teams from the Benelux to grow and gain valueable LAN-experience. We opened up with a LoL, COD4 and CS:GO team and are now opening our doors for talented and ambitious Starcraft 2 players to join our ranks.

With the SC2 Academy we want to offer players a place to have equally skilled and like-minded teammates to practise with, together with training with the players from our Professional squad. We will host regular in house cups including all players and in the future bootcamps are a certain possibility.

However, our Academy is not open for just every player. As for the whole Academy, we are only accepting players from the Benelux speaking Dutch. The rest of the requirements are:

  • High Platinum ~ Low Master skilled
  • Actively playing ladder and tournaments
  • Eager to learn and practise
  • Ambition to raise your skilllevel as high as you can
  • Able to attend LAN-events regularly, especially the bigger Benelux events

And in return you can expect from us:

  • Active and involved management
  • In-house cups with together with the Professional squad
  • Regular practise matches with your Academy and Professional teammates
  • A shirt to wear on every LAN event you attend

To apply for the SC2 Academy you open a ticket on our contact page. Please provide sufficient information for us to know how you are, what kind of player you are and how far your ambition reaches.

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