uThermal and Jona at Dreamhack Summer

Thu 12th Jun 2014 - 1:11pm

Dreamhack Summer will start in two days. The world's largest computer festival will be held from upcoming Saturday untill Monday and will be the host for over 20.000 participants. For every eSports fan there will be a chance to watch your favorite team and game as the game list consists of games like Starcraft II, League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and more.

AT Gaming will be represented by Marc "uThermal" Schlappi and our newest addition to the SC2 squad Jonathan "Jona" Stelma. Jona will be starting in the first groupstage in group P, where he will be facing three other Zerg's. His group is really tough, consisting of Alliance's Swedish Zerg SortOf, the Norwegian Zerg SoLo, from team Root Gaming, and the Thalandros, a Dutch Zerg from Maegis. 

uThermal is seeded in the second groupstage, due to his performance in the WCS Premier League, reaching the round of 32. He is seeded in group G, together with the Norwegian Zerg player Snute from Team Liquid, who is considered to be one of the strongest foreigners at the moment. The other two players will be coming from the first groupstage. 

Matches will start from 14.00 onwards and will be streamed on Twitch.
All the groups can be found on the Dreamhack website.

Check out the announcement video below:


AT Gaming

AT Gaming

AT Gaming

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